Memen Stamina Drink – Key Ingredients

Memen Stamina Drink - Tinospora Cordifolia


Tinospora Cordifolia is a heart-leaved herbaceous vine indigenous to the tropical areas of India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. It is traditionally used immunity booster as well as a digestion aid. It also reduces stress and anxiety.

Memen Stamina Drink - Smilax Myosotiflora


Smilax Myosotiflora (Ubi Jaga) is a low, herbaceous climbing plant. It is traditionally used to improve body metabolism and to optimise nutrient utilisation. It can also increase testosterone levels and improve energy levels. A small tuber type of vine. Traditionally used to promote the body’s metabolism and improve nutrient absorption. It also increases the level of male hormones, increases vitality.

Memen Stamina Drink - Orthosiphon Aristatus


Orthosiphon Aristatus has been used for centuries in Malaysia and Indonesia to treat kidney and bladder stones, and to improve blood circulation for healthy heart function.

Memen Stamina Drink - Eurycoma Longifolia


Eurycoma Longifolia is a tall, slender evergreen high-demand shrub-tree found in Southeast Asia and is considered a protected species. It is well- known for its effectiveness in improving energy performance and desire through increased testosterone levels.


Taurine is an essential building block of protein that is synthesized by the body. It is found in seaweed, spirulina, acts on blood vessels, relaxing them while increasing blood flow.

Memen Stamina Drink - L Arginine


L-Arginine is not only compound may help improve blood flow in the arteries of the heart.

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