MeMen x Cacao Powder


The most potent masculine energy booster for men. Natural Bioactive Essence

  • Do you feel tired often? Are you functioning below your potential?
  • Do you feel that you should be so much more of a man than you currently are?
  • You’re not alone. In today’s hectic lifestyle, more and more people suffer from insomnia, short-term memory loss, low libido, dissatisfying sexual experiences and a general sense of fatigue. These problems affect men especially hard.
  • Reclaim your manhood. Introducing MeMen Stamina Drink, the natural solution to today’s modern lifestyle problems for men.

MeMen x Cacao Powder is packed with 100% sustainable, wild-crafted and chemical-free extracts, aiming to enhance and uphold metabolic health, vitality and provide extra strength. Reclaim your manhood, the nature solution to today’s modern lifestyle problems for men.

EURYCOMA LONGIFOLIA -Promotes secretion of testosterone -Eliminates toxins and strenghtening kidney -Relieves prostatitis -Improves desire and sensitivity of intimacy -Increases stamina and energy levels CACAO (DARK CHOCOLATE) -Prevent risk of heart disease -Avoid chronic fatigue -Improves eye health -Reduces risk of cancer -Improves memory DAMIANA -Prevention of Parkinson's disease -Reduces fatigue -Prevention of HIV infection -Improves memory -Reduces stress -Treatment of benign prostatic symptoms AWETO (CORDYCEPS) -Promotes kidney health -Anti-Inflammatory -Delay aging process -Enhances energy -Enhances respiratory system ACAI BERRY -Strenghten immunity -Prevent chances of cancer -Improves oxidation resistance -Increases vitality -Stimulates blood circulation HONEY -Control blood pressure -Reduce inflammation -Increases body immunity -Relieves constipation -Antibacterial -Prevention of heart disease

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